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"From Suburb To City, Alix Organized My Successful Move"

I became overwhelmed as I faced the task of moving from a large home - which I had lived in with my family for 30 years - into a small city apartment. Being an avid collector of vintage items made the task even more daunting.  It became an emotional challenge for me to part with collectibles that I cherished.

Alix was incredible as she evolved from someone who organized the entire move to someone who became my moral support along the way. She helped me make the hard decisions about what to keep, what to store, and what to discard.  She labeled and cross-referenced all my things.  Alix "lined up" a team of professionals to assist us throughout the entire process - from a Tag Sale expert, to professional packers, and to reputable movers. 

Within weeks, we were on our way and I found direction.  Alix not only is a miracle worker, but she is an incredibly bright, pleasant, and beautiful young woman with whom it was a pleasure to work and spend time.  Her energy level was infectious, and we actually found time to laugh along the way! 


Maxine S.
Great Neck, NY 

"My Closet is Finally Organized - Amazing!"

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Fri, 5 Oct 2007 7:52 pm

Subject: organizing
Hi, Michelle:
WOW!  We worked very hard today, you should feel so good about your closet and everything in it.  I hope I did not torture you too much.  Today was the big push and we really accomplished a tremendous amount. 
I look forward to our next session.  Don't forget to do your "homework"...sorting your undergarments.
Enjoy the weekend,


Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 10:27 AM

Subject: Re: organizing
As we were driving out East, we were commenting how amazing you are.  Thank you, dear Alix.
Thank you for helping me get a new start.  Looking forward to the next session.
Have a lovely weekend.


Nassau County, NY


"My Organized Closet Even Had My Brother Impressed"

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Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 2:04 PM

Subject: Hilarious...

All I know is that I popped over to see my nieces yesterday and my brother started opening closets and showing me how everything is in order. You have the Midas  touch. Obviously, Mi and J are thrilled with your work.

Just made me laugh to see my bro opening closets to show me how organized they are.




Brooklyn, NY


Home Office Organizing Led To Garage Reorganizing - The Mary Poppins of Organizing


My home-office was a mess! It was the dumping room for all the stuff you accumulate in a day – week – month – year – in a lifetime.

No matter how many hours and days I set aside to dig out, throw away, and organize, I never got past a certain point. My friends would say,” How long until you have your office clean and your photo project done?”  Then I bumped into Alix and she told me that she is in the business of doing what she loves - "Organizing."

After a couple of weeks - as I dug through my office desk once again, I found Alix’s card and called her. The rest is history. A couple of weeks with Alix and voila...DONE!

Not only my office, but she rolled up her sleeves – I mean we rolled up our sleeves and we tackled my garage and my shed. Alix is the Mary Poppins of organizing. She made an arduous project fun and successful.  In fact, while sorting, we found valuable jewelry that I thought I lost and a couple of checks that I thought I deposited. 

The biggest find, however, was Alix.

B. G.
Old Westbury, NY

Home Organizing Disaster Turned Into Organized Bliss


My home was chaos until Alix brought order and easy-to-maintain systems into our lives.  She works in a swift and respectful manner.

Each session produced big results, and all of my current goals have been met.




Overwhelming Job Made Easy with Alix's Organizational Talent

For years, I have wanted to go through my closets but could not do it alone.  Though I begged my mother to just help me “edit” my clothes, she was not interested.  I work long hours, and on the weekends I could not find the energy or the interest to begin the process alone. 

Re-connecting with Alix on a professional level (we were friends in college) was such a gift.  It is difficult to express how much she helped me accomplish in organizing my home and in guiding me thoughtfully through this re-organization.  She is a supreme professional and understands all the emotional nuances there are to “letting go”.  

She is a positive enabler for what could be an overwhelming project.  It takes discipline, collaboration, and a clear direction to make this effort a success, and Alix brings indomitable spirit to her work. Her personal attention to her client's needs is rare and special.  

I cannot recommend her enough - although I do to all my friends and loved ones! 


Brooklyn Heights, NY

Supply Closet Project Organized

Subject: supply closet

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 13:53:23 -0400


Beautiful work on the supplies. Can't wait for the next round!




XYZ Textiles

New York, NY